Red Button Main Coons

Welcome to Red Button Maine Coons Cattery. We appreciate your interest on our Maine Coon cats and share your enthusiasm with respect to this fascinating breed.

We fully test our Maine Coon Studs and Queens and we guarantee our kitten’s health free from genetic diseases. We are a small family owned, cattery located in Arizona, USA

All of our Maine Coon Cats are TICA registered and we are a member in good standing with (TICA), Our breeding program, is focused on producing healthy, happy, cutting edge Maine Coons with excellent type and large size. Red Button Maine Coon Cattery cats has the best health guarantees for the Buyer.

We do not keep cats in cages, aviaries or individual houses. We live in a house and our Maine Coons are full-right members of the family and have constant contact with people, kids and another pats, which is important for the socialization of Maine Coon kittens. We have a relatively small cat cattery and we have the opportunity to pay enough attention to each of our pets! Our Studs and Queens are tested for the most dangerous viral cat diseases: Immunodeficiency Virus FIV and Leukemia Virus FELV. Accordingly, all our kittens are free from Immunodeficiency and Leukemia. All the producers of the cattery are tested for hereditary diseases. This allows us to make the right selection of couples and guarantee the absence of kittens having any congenital pathologies

your journey with a cat from Red Button Main Coons does not end with you leaving the driveway. We are committed to a lifetime of happiness for our kittens and want their new families to have the same outlook. We want to have follow ups from you and we are here to help you navigate any obstacle that comes your way. Please do your research on this breed as they are LARGE, HAIRY and live upwards of 15+ years. Also have a plan in place if someone in your house has or could develop allergies prior to purchase. This is a commitment not to be taken lightly. We want these animals to have the stability of a forever home.

Meet our Stud Niko and our Queen Isabella

Direct imports from Russia 

Tica registered and WFA andWCF

health tested and all Negative 

genetic tested 


We believe the work never stops going above and beyond for our cats and customers


We make sure to always advance our knowledge on Maine coons and all cats, cat health, and better our cats to have the best cats with the best health.


We strive to uphold the highest standards and make sure all our customers feel as though they are family, and we meet all needs and go over all concerns and address them. we will always be transparent and want only the best for our kittens and customers. 


Mesa Arizona USA 

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